For when you need expert guidance and advice on which CRM solution will work best for you and how to get the maximum value out of it.


Selecting the right CRM solution

Choosing and implementing the right CRM solution for you and your business, one that helps you and your team be more productive, more effective and build better, more valuable relationships with your customers (all without breaking the bank or introducing unnecessary complexities into an organisation) can be a near impossible task.

With so many elements to consider and potential pitfalls to navigate, without the right experience and expertise by your side you could easily end up in a situation where you introduce a CRM solution that isn’t fit-for-purpose.


Driving real value

To drive real value from your CRM solution you need to firstly understand three things; Where you are now, where you want to get to, and the steps you and your business need to take to get from one to the other as quickly and safely as possible.

Without this understanding you’re likely to either stop before you get to where you need to be, get lost along the way, or end up somewhere completely different. Which is far from ideal for you, your colleagues, your business and especially your customers.

A Discovery with Innervate will help you drive value from your digital solutions and ensure your success by getting to the heart of your business challenges and truly understanding the steps that you and your organisation need to take.


Our CRM Discovery Process

A discovery is not an easy process. It’s only for those who want to truly commit to bettering what they’re currently doing and who can dedicate the time, energy and resources needed to make the most of their investment in a CRM solution.

The Innervate discovery process is made up a series of structured meetings, workshops and 1-2-1 time with our solution, sector and technical experts to question assumptions, unpick ways of thinking and set you on the path to delivering a digital future.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with 35+ years’ experience of delivering outstanding solutions, services and support we’ll work in partnership with you and your team to create a roadmap for your success. This will be based on your specific business requirements and unique challenges to come up with a range of options to help you achieve your desired outcomes.


The CRM Discovery Focus

The focus of the discovery will be on those things that will be key to driving success – whatever those may be for you – as well as cost considerations, scope, risks and the required delivery approach.

This all ensures the roadmap we build together meshes perfectly with how you and your business operate.

Your roadmap will then become the basis for the more complex technical and functional documentation that will be produced at later project stages where a solution is deployed.

Your discovery can be a stand-alone exercise where you wholly own the outputs and can do with them what you wish or, as the authors of the discovery we’re uniquely positioned to help you realise the benefits through our deployment and/or managed service expertise. It’s whatever works best for you.

We do find that a discovery is a critical step in building any relationship with you as a client, as it ensures we are all working with clarity and a joint understanding of what good looks like from day one.


What next?

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