When completing a CRM migration, it is crucial for success that appropriate attention is paid to the Data.

Innervate consultants will review every requirement across the business to ensure the new system is configured in line with existing data and key functionality, before fully testing each aspect of the migration. Thorough planning is essential in a migration to ensure a faster final data migration with significantly less risk and minimum downtime. Innervate has experience in migrating your data to Dynamics 365 from a range of legacy sources as well as more modern sources.
Many organisations are moving their CRM systems to the cloud with Dynamics 365, which brings many benefits. These benefits include easier sharing of data, improved analytics and reporting, enhanced integration between departments and improved usability which, in turn, will lead to increased staff performance. Innervate consultants are working with many clients, making the journey to the Cloud as effortless as possible and realising the benefits.

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