General Insurance

Take advantage of Innervate’s Insurance sector expertise

Digital transformation enables you to improve customer experience, reach new markets, decrease costs, increase efficiency, accelerate growth and automate time-consuming processes.

Now, thanks to the longstanding partnership of Innervate and Microsoft®, you can rely on an application designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. The Innervate Insurance sector team has years of experience delivering first class solutions to the industry built on the Dynamics 365 platform and utilising our accelerators.

Combining the flexibility of Microsoft’s leading customer relationship management software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, with Innervate’s industry-specific accelerators and configuration knowledge we help insurance organisations effectively manage their most important relationships.

With Innervate’s Dynamics 365 for Insurers, data, information and processes across your organisation are integrated to create a centralised view of your critical relationships and their performance:

  • Capture broker and customer contact details
  • Track interactions with contacts and organisations
  • Manage marketing campaigns and sales activities
  • Control documents to ensure compliance and regulation
  • Integrate social media sentiment with your own sales data
  • Centralise information access.
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