Higher Education

Higher Education Challenges…

For Higher Education decision-makers like you there are going to be several challenges you’re probably tackling right now;

  • Attracting the right number of students against increasing levels of competition
  • Supporting and satisfying your students
  • Improving internal processes
  • Embracing digital ways of working
  • Moving away from legacy systems – all whilst battling to secure the necessary funding to do so

To deal with these challenges head on you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right solutions, services and support in place; those that allow you to approach things with clarity, boost productivity and ensure each and every one of your students has a great experience.

With our help as an adviser and digital productivity partner that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.


Our Higher Education Experience…

We’re already been trusted by Manchester University and Nottingham University (amongst others) to provide the support and expertise needed to shape their digital strategy and the solutions required to make better use of data, work smarter and improve student experience.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Dynamics 365 experts our multi-skilled team are uniquely positioned to help our Higher Education clients build their digital strategy with an understanding of where they are, where they need to get to, and the steps they need to take to move from one to the other.

Partnering with you…

And wouldn’t it be great to have a partner who can do more than just “the doing” for you? A partner with a flexible and adaptable approach, capable of thinking for you and able to challenge current ways of working to deliver success.

That partner is us. Working with Innervate we’ll make you more productive, more effective, and help your institution build better relationships with your students.


Higher Education Digital Productivity Solutions

Our core areas of expertise cover discovery, deployment, managed services and licencing but we also have solutions build especially for Higher Education institutions like yours, including:

  • Student life-cycle management solutions
  • Business engagement and innovation solutions
  • Student engagement and support solutions
  • Higher Education CRM solutions

Interested in how we could help you? Just get in touch with our Higher Education expert Martin Davis

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