Not for Profit & Charity

Building better supporter and donor relationships

Not for Profit and Charity organisations like yours will all be facing similar challenges;

  • Building long lasting relationships with your supporters and donors
  • Running more effective marketing and fundraising activity
  • Processing donations quicker
  • Embracing digital ways of working
  • Demonstrating the value you add

To deal with your unique challenges you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the right solutions, services and support in place; those that enable you to truly understand your donors, build better relationships with them, and boost the impact you and your Not for Profit or Charity has.

You’ll be able to do exactly that with Innervate as your adviser and digital productivity partner.


Partnering with Innervate

We’ve been supporting Not For Profit and Charity organisations across the world and developing Not For Profit and charity solutions for over 10 years, using the latest Microsoft cloud technologies to help Water Aid, Save the Children and Open Doors amongst others to further their causes and build valuable relationships with their supporters and donors.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Dynamics 365 experts with 35+ years’ experience of delivering end-to-end solutions our multi-skilled team can help guide you in the creation of your digital strategy and the delivery of the technology to ensure your success.

Working with Innervate we’ll make your more productive, more effective and help your organisation build better relationships with your supporters and donors.


Digital Solutions for Not For Profit and Charity

Our Not for Profit and Charity solutions are designed to support your activities across fundraising, digital marketing, events, membership management and volunteer management.

We’ll help you to standardise, streamline and automate what you need to do and give you the tools and best-practice approaches to do so.

Because our solutions are built on Microsoft technologies they seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) giving you ease of use through a familiar interface and the ability to efficiently configure to your changing needs.

  • NfP and Charity Fundraising Solutions

Helping you to efficiently collect and process funds and accelerate the delivery of payment receipts for donors (including Gift Aid too).

  • NfP and Charity Marketing solutions

Helping you to target multi-channel audiences and integrate your marketing activity with calendars, booking systems, campaigns and any other marketing support systems you use.

  • NfP and Charity events solutions

Helping your to efficiently run events from organising resources, inviting attendees, obtaining feedback and everything in between.

  • NfP and Charity membership management solutions

Providing you a 360-degree “Single View of the Donor” with full contact management capability including portals, forums, blogs, advertising, support and chat.

  • NfP and Charity volunteer management solutions

Providing you a 360-degree view of your volunteers and contributors , reducing avoidable contact and streamlining your activities.


We can also help you across Discovery Projects, Deployment, Managed Services, and Microsoft Licensing.


How can we be of help?

To discuss how we can assist you and your organisation just get in touch:

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