Banks are transforming.  Both traditional and new challenger banks must engage with their customers in an ever increasing digital way. Mobility, open banking, innovation and regulation are driving change at a pace never before witnessed and it’s a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’.

Change must be driven with the end customer at the very centre.  Increasingly, we conduct so much of our lives digitally and Banks realise that business technology must offer an experience that is as good or better as our everyday digital interactions – simple, secure and instant.  It is crucial to create a unique and enjoyable experience, keeping customers engaged every step of the way. CRM is an integral tool to achieve this goal, by helping banks consolidate legacy and new data through digital channels, ensuring informed decisions are being made in their – and their customers – best interest.

Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding can involve many disparate activities that may include paper-based systems and disjointed processes. Our onboarding process will tightly integrate with your other systems, replace manual processes and even facilitate customer self-served onboarding. This can greatly reduce effort, shorten timescales, improve quality and prevent missed actions through tight process control, automation and SLA functions.

Customers can be on-boarded in a secure and compliant way through document capture, identity checks, duplication checking and de-duplication.

Customers now want flexibility with the onboarding processes – to work around their busy lives and commitments, and to give them that instant sense that the process has started and things are moving forward. By incorporating Innervate’s self-served onboarding and digital information capture solutions, banks can give the customer what they want, whilst also increasing compliance and saving time and money.


360-degree view of customer

Managing relationships with customers require a complete understanding of the bank’s interactions with every customer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM is both capable and intuitive, with best of breed usability and user interfaces. Through tight integration to current core banking systems or your data warehouse via integration middleware, we can bring key data assets into a comprehensive view of the customer in a single system with appropriate security tiers.

Innervate’s 360-degree view of the customer solutions ensure that banks benefit from all the customer data points they have, by being able to view them in one place, with a meaningful structure. We utilise our pre-built tools to structure this data and align it with your processes to maximise benefit to you and your customers. Customers now need to know that their banks understand and value them, at every touch point – by incorporating Innervate’s 360-degree view of the customer solutions banks will ensure this expectation is met.


Next Best Action

Ensuring actions are taken with customers at the right time is key to better managed relationships. These actions can include administration and compliance actions such as KPI and ID reviews as well as cross-sell and upsell opportunities. You can also build better customer retention by automatically monitoring customer interactions that may indicate reducing investment or reliance on the bank.

Innervate has pre-built rules-based engines to drive Next Best Actions, that can be configured to the clients specific needs. This allows banks to achieve Next Action benefits quickly, leading to a tangible return on investment results in the short term. By incorporating Innervate’s Next Best Action Solutions, customers of banks will also benefit by being given information about the best products and services to suit them at the right time.  Our solution reduces the human error by helping relationship managers decide the best course of action, through active monitoring and proactive alerts – Artificial Intelligence at its best.


System Integration

Innervate has extensive experience in system integration in many sectors and a repository of integration processes built especially for banks including core banking, data warehouse, multi-channel prospects and real-time or scheduled jobs. We can bring this wealth of experience and existing developments to accelerate well proven and robust integration processes for banking customer relationships. Other benefits include document management, workflow and process automation, reporting and dashboards, social media integration and GDPR compliance.

The fact that Innervate has completed many implementations with leading global Banks allows us to approach new projects with confidence and a proven methodology. This reduces the risks of complications with Integrations and reduces the time required until completion. This again allows Banks to achieve a quicker solution deployment, realising benefits earlier too. Integrating your CRM with your existing systems is key to maximising your investment, and our breadth and depth of experience allow you to consider all options, and together we can choose the path that best suits your objectives.


Leveraging data

We can help you leverage your data assets to better understand your customers, providing new, timely insights using techniques like machine learning. By incorporating cutting edge technology like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Innervate can ensure that the bank is taking advantage of the best of breed technology the market has to offer. It also results in much quicker, more informed decisions, that increase the probability of those decisions being the right ones. Innervate solutions are geared up to benefit your existing teams and their objectives, leveraging technology to help, rather than replace.


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