Wealth Management

The world is continually changing, and the Financial Services market evolves to keep pace – and to lead.

Today’s clients want a 24/7 understanding of their financial position with real-time valuations, instant visualisation of asset allocations, and comprehensive tax and legislative analysis tailored to their personal circumstances. They also demand up-to-date assessments of their risk strategy and integration with personalised tax solutions. And they expect to be able to access information anytime, anywhere and on any platform, with an experience comparable to that offered by their everyday technology.

Digital transformation is about realigning a business to meet the challenges of the market today; organisations that adapt in the right way will be better equipped to compete in the market. Benefits of transformation may include improving your clients’ experience, allow you to reach new markets, decrease operational costs and increase workforce efficiency.

Companies must act now as your clients will expect a modern digital experience when interacting and transacting with their advisers. If your business isn’t providing your clients with a market leading level of service and information, then you can be sure that someone else is looking to do so.

The Wealth Management Industry faces many challenges:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance
  • Increasing competition
  • Client expectations for digital services
  • Legacy processes and applications
  • High operational costs

Innervate can help businesses to modernise and to embrace the digital revolution by helping to optimise your business operations and drive efficiencies and value using modern technology.  The journey to transformation requires commitment from the leadership team, good communication within the business and support and guidance from a trusted partner.  Innervate can help you through the journey.

Before talking about the latest and greatest trends in technology, the team at Innervate will work with you to understand the business in detail and help to build a roadmap for your digital transformation.

Our solutions build on the Dynamics 365 platform, using complementary applications and technologies to support your business and help you meet your business goals. Our solutions are configurable, scalable and future-proofed to allow your business to grow in revenue, quality of service and features that you offer to your customers.

Our Wealth Management solutions can help you to:

  • Build rules within the platform to manage regulatory compliance
  • Automate manual and long-running processes using workflow
  • Provide self-service experiences for customers using portals and apps
  • Integrate with legacy applications
  • Integrate with third-party applications to enrich your services
  • Reduce operational costs by moving paper-based processes to the platform

Wealth Management modules that we offer include:

  • Customer Management and Onboarding
  • Customer Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Fund Management
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management

Innervate’s solutions are designed to reduce your administrative burden so that advisers spend more quality time with their clients and networks spend more time providing support to their advisers.

Innervate, in partnership with Microsoft as a Gold Partner, has the expertise and experience to design and implement tailored solutions based on Microsoft’s industry-leading platform and applications to provide a cutting-edge client and advisor experience. That means streamlining the client onboarding process, providing intuitive prompts using powerful interactive business intelligence to identify revenue increasing opportunities and create an unparalleled experience accessible to clients, advisers and managers anytime, anywhere.

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